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PENTS PTY LTD an Australian owned and operated company.

After three years of R&D created a range of advanced technology Hot Water Systems and products that will allow the integration necessary in addressing the dramatic increase in climate changes by implementing innovations that will definitely assist in reduction of the present environmental circumstances.

Energy costs are rapidly on the rise

-  Pents Pty Ltd Will GUARANTEE to reduce your Hot Water electricity bill by  75%
-  Pents Pty Ltd Will GUARANTEE to save your precious water, instant Hot Water is provided in 10 seconds, no cold water is wasted running down the drain.
-  Pents Pty Ltd has been uniquely designed and built to offer exactly the solution to today’s ever increasing Power and Water cost.
-  Pents Pty  Ltd hot water systems are recognized as quality appliances contributing to saving energy thus beneficial in today’s climate changes.
-  Pents Pty Ltd Water appliances are certificated and approved by Australian ASA standards and international requirements.
-  Saving Water, Saving Energy, Saving Money