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  • Grey Electric Hot Water Tap

    Hey Presto Products

    Grey Electric Hot Water Tap
  • X3EM 6 kW

    Hey Presto Products

    X3EM 6 kW
  • White Electric Hot Water Tap

    Hey Presto Products

    White Electric Hot Water Tap
  • x5e 3.5 kW

    Hey Presto Products

    x5e 3.5 kW

Hey Presto Systems Advanced technology eliminates hot water storage tanks - saves power and water it is designed and manufactured with features like no other.

The waste is over!

Hey Presto Tankless Instant Electric Hot Water Tap is rapidly becoming a house hold name NO other domestic electrical Hot Water appliance on the market today can achieve the full climate change criteria necessary to reduce the wastefulness of our most precious commodities.


Be warned of other companies offering our Hey Presto Electric Hot Water Tap, on eBay or online at discounted prices.
They are not licenced nor do they have the Australian Standards Approval. 
These taps are not manufactured by our company and are illegal to install in any homes or any business.


- Plumbed only to your cold water pipe to produce continuous Hot Water   
- The Tap will Save and reduce your ‘hot water’ Electricity Bill by an amazing 90%!!!!  Power is only used when you turn the Tap On.   
- Will Save and reduce your Water Bill No cold water is wasted while waiting for hot water, saving our most precious water.
- Never runs out of hot water, constant Hot Water on demand.  
- Can be installed any place where there is a water supply and power. Home - Caravan – Shed – Factory – Laundry – Boats - Barbeque area.
- Is a unique master piece that requires no space; the Tap itself provides the hot water, NO BIG HEATERS involved. Great Space Saver!
- Certifications  5 STAR Wels Rating - WaterMark – Electric AS/NZS4417.1

Easy Installation - Green - Energy Efficient – Emission free – Environmentally friendly - Saving Water – Saving Power – No Maintenance – Eliminates the 24 hours conventional electric water tank heaters.

Hey Presto Hot Water - The next generation is here Now!!

Hey Presto Systems is a genuine Hot Water & Power saving appliance that can openly demonstrate and prove why you to should take the advantage  and install the ultimate solution that eliminates waste,  that are also:

Costing $329.00 Delivered by Australia Post to your address.

HEY PRESTO How do they work?  Plumbed into cold water only
When the hot water tap is turned On, The ambient water in the pipes enters the heating chamber the water flow sensors activates the heating elements to turn On, thus providing Hot water in seconds, the water temperature is adjustable to your desired heat.

No Heating Tank therefore you have unlimited constant hot water on demand.
When the hot water tap is turned off, the system shuts down.

The water temperature can be adjusted to produce outlet temperatures ranging from ambient to 50C.

Cold water is available for use per normal any time.