The Sun Flux Controller is the next generation in the evolution of Hot Water Systems, consisting of only four independent solar panels connected to any standard electric hot water tank Hot Water Bills are decreased by up to 96%.

The Problem

Families and business are all aware of the power companies uncontrollable strangle hold they have on increasing our electricity costing.

The Solution

The Sun Flux Controller is an independent alternative that breaks the monopoly and separates homes absolutely free from the gouging power hikes and puts the people back in control.

The Product

The Sun Flux Controller innovated herein Australia, designed and constructed with advanced technology resulting as the most efficient ways of harnessing and storing solar energy compared to any solar energy storage system on the market today. The unit is more energy-saving in cold and overcast weather compared to traditional solar thermal hot water systems as the Sun Flux only requires light from the sun rather than collecting heat from the sun like solar thermal systems.

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About Us

Protective Education and Training Solutions Pty Ltd has been in the Hot Water Industry for over 15 years and has witnessed the dramatic changes and challenges facing escalating power costs which now seriously affect families and business, Australia wide. In this age of technology Solar Panels have been the first innovation to develop a system that brings relief to reduce the electricity cost, it is with this solar success our company has moved forward & associated innovating the next solar generation.


We will:

  • reduce the reliance of Australia’s water and electricity resources
  • by implementing environmentally considerate technology into homes, businesses and transportables


Our products will:

  • provide instant hot water ready for use within 5 seconds
  • reduce the cost of living
  • improve the way we live by using technology smartly
  • improve the environment by reducing the demand on our natural resources


Our targets are:

  • to introduce Flash Hot Water products into 3.6M homes and businesses by 2020
  • to introduce smart technology as it becomes available worldwide into the Australian marketplace to solve water heating issues


The things we treasure most are:

  • Honesty – Australian standards approved
  • Efficiency – making the most of resources
  • Affordability – genuine reduction in the cost of living
  • Innovation – using technology to improve our lives and the environment
  • Entrepreneurship – working with industry partners to implement change
  • Leadership – taking a stand for action now to improve the environment

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